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A look at the Customer Journey of a typical American consumer

McKinsey and Company recently released a report they've been conducting since 2008 (US Consumer Sentiment Survey), the report I've enjoyed reading in particular is the "Meet today's American consumer", discussing certain consumer behaviours based on the current economic climate in US (and comparing certain elements with global trends).

In CXD Labs, we love research reports like these - however, throughout reading the report we were wondering how these statistics and findings translate to actual customer behaviour.

So in typical CXD fashion we did what we always love to do: we mapped out a typical American consumer using the data provided by McKinsey's research.

Here are some notes that may help you do your own Customer Journey Map:

  • We could use the US Consumer profile data to develop a series of personas to test out the Customer Journey. However, for simplicity sake, we decided to do a generic map. However you could use that data to look at different aspects of the customer for personas (e.g. ethnic background, geographical location, gender, age, etc.).

  • We could identify which part of the customer journey a piece of statistic impacted using our framework. We also updated the actions to reflect the data to make the journey more relevant to the data.

  • The next step would be to test out some hypotheses (based on certain recommendations) by conducting customer surveys on certain segments of the customer journey to get more granular data sets to assist companies in targeting initiatives to improve certain sections of their customer's journey. We would also do the following analysis:

  • Touch point analysis

  • Emotional analysis

  • Pain Point analysis

  • Moment of Truth analysis (critical success factors)

​So, here it is - below is our interpretation of the McKinsey report using our own Customer Journey Mapping framework (to download a PDF version, click here)

If you are interested in seeing how we could apply the same framework for your company, or would like us to analyse your customers, please don't hesitate to contact us for a chat!

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