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Our Services

We have developed our services to align with our core values and our approach. Our aim is to create long-lasting customer value for our clients, resulting in a greater customer experience and profitability.

Customer Journey and Insights


If you want to understand your customers, how they interact with your product / services, how they feel about you and your offering and what are the key opportunities / improvements you can tackle, Customer Journey and Insights is for you.


  • Develop baseline Customer Journey Map (As Is)

  • Research and analyse customer behaviour and sentiment (data gathering)

  • Analyse customer sentiment

  • Identify pain points and opportunities from customer feedback


  • Create future state Customer Journey Map (To Be)

  • Develop data points to measure effectiveness of solution against the journey map

  • Conduct IMPACT assessments to forecast the impact of the solution to the customer


  • Maintain Customer Journey map (updates as new functionality drops)

  • Identify opportunities for improvement

  • Provide measurements and metrics to track improvement in customer experience

Service Design


If you want to understand how to deliver value to your customers via services, from understanding what resources are required to deliver the service, what tools are required, what steps / processes are taken to provide the service, and which service is deemed to be important to your customers, Service Design is for you.


  • Develop baseline Service Design Blueprint

  • Develop Business Process Architecture

  • Conduct Service Research

  • Identify areas of potential improvement / opportunities


  • Design future state Service Design Blueprint

  • Design ideal business operating model

  • Identify changes to Business Process Architecture

  • Develop To Be processes

  • Conduct Business Impact Analysis


  • Define measures and metrics to monitor effectiveness of service design

  • Provide guidance on monitoring tools and techniques to assess service design effectiveness

Agility for CX


If you want your team(s) to deliver the best outcomes for your customers, be transparent and adaptive to changes/challenges, to work with passion, purpose and belonging, Agility for CX is for you.


  • Know where you are - Team agility assessment 

  • Know where you want to be - Team improvement Kata

  • Agility coaching - the values, principles and mindset



  • Define the team’s vision, mission, success criteria and alignment to organisational objectives 

  • Start with the Scrum framework

  • Setup the team’s agile tools

  • Deliver and validate what is most valuable to the customer early in the project and frequently



  • Increase the number of customer value activities and decrease waste

  • Identify metrics to validate the success criteria of changes

  • Update the customer journey to visually illustrate the impact of changes

  • Regular retrospective to enable continuous improvement 

Customer Sentiment Analysis 

If you have large amounts of customer data, but also a lack of time, resources, expertise and proper tools to make sense of it all, Customer Sentiment Analysis is for you. 



  • Instantly collate large volumes of customer data using our in-house automation software

  • Filter and prepare customer data to enable insights analysis 



  • Determine the best customer experience success metrics for your project/initiative. 



  • Instantly collate the customer data to monitor the customer experience against your project/initiative success

Customer and Market Research

If you want to find out what your customers really think of your products and services coupled with metrics-driven insights and trends, Customer and Market Research is for you. 



  • Produce metrics-driven insights and trends based on customer sentiment analysis

  • Create customer reports and analytics to support your business initiatives and influence your key decision makers

  • Use machines learning to discover the obscure cause and effect behaviour patterns, and correlation of data points you only find from analysing months and years of data



  • Identify which initiatives/projects will address the root cause of your customer pains and have the largest impact 

  • Use machine learning to validate  assumptions and hypothesis

  • Discover ways to enhance your customer metrics data quality



  • Measure and validate the impact of your project/initiative on the customer experience 

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