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The Donor experience: the journey map for charities

After doing some work for charities over the course of my career, I noticed that although they were very tuned in to their donor base, there was still a lot of opportunities for them to improve, innovate and differentiate from the rest.

Based on this experience, I decided to conduct a bit of research of my own and produced my own high level Donor Experience Journey map.

Although it doesn't have data / stats on the customer action or behaviour, hopefully charities embarking on this journey can get ideas from the map and embark on their own journey mapping quest!

Here it is presented below (to download a PDF version, click here):

Firstly, let's quickly go through some of the elements of the journey map.

  • Snapshot (left pane): This is a place to provide context to the reader on some key data points / statistics to put the map into context. In this example, since it is about a donor / supporters experience with a charity in Australia, I've included some statistics on charities in Australia, including number of charities, state of individual contributions in Australia, etc. This gives the reader some context on what the map is going to convey.

  • Customer Journey: These are structured into customer stages, and in each stage there are key activities a customer would typically perform throughout the journey. Scattered through the map are Moments of Truth (MOT), points where customers would make a decision based on what they've experienced so far. In the donor example, there are 4 high level stages, a series of actions from the donor and there are questions a donor could ask as they go through the journey that would lead to either exiting the journey or proceeding to the next step.

  • Objective and Touchpoints: These are a collection of objectives the customer would like to achieve throughout the journey. The way they achieve their objective will result in an interaction with the organisation (as well as other touch points). In the donor journey, there are 15 key objectives and there are a series touchpoints a donor / supporter could engage to achieve their objective.

There are a lot of other things we would love to put on this map (e.g. emotional state for every transaction) however we haven't included it in due to lack of access to data for individual charities.

Hopefully you find value in the journey map for both yourself and for your customers!

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